ColorSchemer | Online Color Scheme Generator

ColorSchemer | Online Color Scheme Generator

How to choose Matching colors for your blog/site | Color scheme generator

This few weeks ago, we have talk a lot about make money online. Today let me talk about COLOR. “Color” for some people Is not important part but for webmaster or blog master, color is part of their life, their blog/site, their hobby, favorite, strategy of earning, strategy to find visitor, and many more.

Why color is so important for them and not for you? Because they know how color can make positive impact to their success. I remember long time ago, there is a webmaster say to me like this ” If you want to make a nice blog then start to find good function template with NICE and MATCH COLOR “

Then I try to combine good and match color for all my blogs ( I have three blog ) and the result is very positive , my referral earning , visitor , feed reader , adsense earning , etc , all increase very fast . Okay, enough my story, Let me tell you the best way to choose color for your blog based on your favorite color, with (don’t worry, it’s free)


What is

Colorschemer is online color scheme generator, with colorschemer you can easily generate matching color schemer for your blog /site.

How to grab color themes for my blog /site:

Colorschemer has provide lot of color schemes , all you need to do is click their logo bellow this post , choose color template you love and download them .

Here is the color schemes example (there are thousands schemes you can choose for free):


Remember to choose template color based on your favorite and blog template, if you successful to combine the color then no doubt you will increase your blog quality and you’re earning.

Click logo bellow to start choosing thousand of color shemes .



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