How to Choose the best color for a blog

How to Choose the best color for a blog

Let’s talk about the best color for blog!


I am sure that every web designer will agree with a fact that color is a very important part of a blog .you can see blog templates from frugal or unique blog design, they really know how to choose colors, and they are expert at combine one color with others and make all templates looking nice and fit on every eye.

Based on their templates, I can learn a few things which I am sure will help you to choose best color for your blog and here we go:

Choosing best color for background

Based on best blog design that I ever seen, you have two options to choose background color for your blog:

  • The first : choose a color that contrast with your blog , example : your blog is using white or light grey color , then you can choose dark color like black or dark grey color as a background color. The benefit: this will help your visitor easier to focus and read the contents on your blog.
  • The second: choose a color that related with your blog color, example: your blog color is white then you can use light grey as a background color .The benefit: make your blog look cleaner and nice.

Choosing best color for font and link

Font color is extremely important which can make your visitor stay longer on your blog and read your article and I found that white or black is not the best color , you may surprised with this but dark brown and dark grey is better ( light grey is better if your background color is black or very dark color )

Choosing link color is the same, especially if you make money with adsense. You must choose the same color for both your adsense link and blog link and I found that dark blue is the best color (#000080)

The key of all!

When I say that color is extremely important, I mean it and my tips is just a recommended. I believe you can choose the best color for your own blog.

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