How to make your blog more powerful than now part one

How to make your blog more powerful than now part one

Make Your blog More Powerful | How to create good Homepage


Please tell me, is blogging part of your life? How important blog for you? Will you give me powerful tips to make my blog more powerful? I got this question from one of my reader yesterday. I simple reply and write this ” Yes blog is part of my life and the third most important thing for me after family and friendship , about powerful tips I will share with you what my master teach me in my next post on my blog “

And now I will fulfill my promise, I will reveal top five blogging secret powerful tips “How to make your blog more powerful than Now”I got this lesson three years ago from my master (but after three years this tips are still Powerful, believe me)

“How to make your blog more Powerful than Now”Part 1 is about your HOMEPAGE

Homepage is where your visitor landing for the first time at your site, this page is very important to attract your visitor and make them as your royal reader. No doubt that Nice and professional homepage will make your blog have nice result. Here are tips for your Homepage:

1. specify the purpose of your blog

All blog should have one or more purpose (based on your keyword) such as: share information, sell something, offer newsletter, offer referral link and other. Specify you purpose at homepage will make your visitor know what is your blog about. Too much purpose at homepage will confuse your visitor.

2. Choose Match color

No doubt that color is part of your blog, choosing the right color will make your visitor feel comfort when read your post. The tips here is choose match color for each part of your blog such as header, page bar, widget box, sidebar color, etc. make them match each other is the best way to ” Cosset ” your visitor . Basic color is also having well for blog. For more information about choosing match color => Online Color scheme Generator

3. Choosing Right font face and size

Please make sure you use “common” font face for your blog such as: Arial, Tahoma, verdana, set the font size match with your blog, don’t set too small and too big. (If you don’t have any idea, ask your visitor is the best way)

4. Use image / picture on your blog

Using picture will make your blog look nice but don’t use too much, because will slow down your blog loading time. The best way is if you want to explain something in more detail way then you can add picture.

Create a good Homepage is your first job to have powerful blog. All you need to do are Specify the Purpose of your blog, choosing match color, easy to read font, and add picture on your blog will increase good result for your blog, try it and see the result in next week.


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