How to make your blog more powerful than now part two

How to make your blog more powerful than now part two

All about your blog design | Make your blog more powerful


Yesterday I have reviewed “How to make your blog more powerful than now part one” and the result is very positive , I got more than 30 email from my reader ask/ discuss about that topic (and I’m very have with that ) so I decided to reveal the second part of  ” How to make your blog more powerful than now” Faster.

If you have read the first part then you must “re-design” your homepage right now, that’s good because with first part you can make huge impact and give positive point to your blog, but if you are not yet done it then you can read this second part and do it together.

The second part of “How to make your blog more powerful than now” is all about your Blog design.

1. Your blog template:

In this time, to create a blog with nice looking template is very easy. You can choose hundreds of free template on internet, but remember to change template part to match with what you want such as: other part of your blog, your referral banner, font, home page, blog themes, etc. If you only use the default one, then you will have the same looking blog with other, because not only you alone that download and use good template (especially free template), by change the default template will make your blog “stand out” from million of blog out there.

2. Blog position must at center, why?

Normally human eyes will more focus with something at the center, by “Centering” your blog then you can make your visitor fell easier to focus with what you write and they will stay for long time at your blog.

3. Your blog/site loading time.

If your blog load fast when a visitor type your URL at the browser then you have successfully give them positive point about your blog , if your blog load more than 20seconds ( with broadband internet speed) then 50% your visitor will type new URL at their browser and never come back to visit your blog . The keys here are doing use too much picture (especially high resolution image), say no to big flash image, and too much banner.

4. Easy to navigate

If you want to create a good blog, and then make sure you will create navigation page. Navigation page will make your visitor easier to browse your blog.

Actually by combine this part and first part of How to make your blog more powerful tips will make very positive impact for your blog, all you need to do is make sure you do every point on this tips carefully and see the result.


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  • I have to follow this tips… thanks

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