How to prevent yourself from scam | Make money online tips

How to prevent yourself from scam | Make money online tips

Prevent being scammed before too late !

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I have make money online with almost all making money program for more than three years . Honestly I got scam several times , those bastard didn’t pay me for my hard work , but the positive point I got from them is I learn how to protect myself from being scam and now I will sharing my experience with you .

The fact of Scammer | Scam|Fake making money sites Or what ever

No one likes them but the fact is scammer site keep growing every minute in our life and I tell you what ,  We can do nothing to fight against them . Scam is like viruses , they can be anywhere , hidden behind any making money program , show up as a nice looking site.

Why I should afraid from scam ?

Lot of people don’t what is scams really are and what is they purpose. Basically a scammer has two purposes when they create a scam program :

The first one is for money : scammer usually scam for money , you can easily found lot of people sharing their experience about losing their money because of Spam . example : hyip site / program ( this program promise their member lot of auto growing money but it just a problem of time before the program become scam)

The second is for your private information : if you thing the first one is worse enough then I must say that you are wrong , I prefer to lost my money than give my private information to a scam site. Scammer will use your private data to hack all your “property”

All we can do is bewaring !

To prevent being scam , we need to be aware and here is a good tips for you :

1. Never join a site that promising a super duper insane benefit for their member.
2. you better wait to join a new making money site even they give you a great benefit as their premium member.
3. Traffic is not a guarantee for a site , whether they are not a scam site.
4. Looking for review is a good way before you join any making money site
5. I’m not saying all but almost all making money site on my blog is not a scam .
6. Beware before giving any important information to any site.
7. Use more than one password and username to register / don’t use the same password with your PayPal , blog or bank account password

Please note that : sometimes a not scam site can suddenly become a scam site. This is unpredictable situation for every money maker andI really hope you will be careful before join any making money site . There is a lot scammer outside spreading traps for you.


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