Key Of Success

Key Of Success

The real key of success


A lot of people ask me what is the main important point in order to make a great selling from your website , Here I will reveal a little secret, what is actually the basic important point that need to creating a success selling from your website in online business. The answer is simple , For me, there are four important things you must have :
  • CONTENT : What is content ? Content is the first pillar you must create to guarantee your success in doing business online. So How to make a great content ? Simple , adjust the content in your website to the business that you do. let say you have health affiliate products, then create a site / blog on health products.If your business is affiliate computer product , then create a blog or a site that reviews various latest computer equipment. What if you do not have business affiliate, but many ads publishing like Adsense?Or doing paid reviews may use your blogs? What must also be content? The answer is yes. You still need to create a website / blog that has an interesting content. This will be the “first impression” for the people while viewing your web / blog . This will ultimately make them believe in you and want to buy on your recommendation (if you sell goods), and will also be make them again and return to the website / blog you (if You earn money from programs based traffik – such as ads publishing).
  • TRAFFIC : The definition of traffic is a visitors to your site / your blog.The more of visitors to your site / blog, is the better.After you create a great blog / web, You certainly need visitors to make money. Because you need them to buy items that you promote, and they will click on ads You publish. Right ? The logic is simple, with more and more visitors to your website / blog then will be more and more people are likely to buy goods that you promote. For you who earn money from advertising based on PPC (pay per click), this will also mean many more people will click on ads on the web / your blog. If you use for paid reviews program, or sell backlink, This can also increase your sell value. So the essentially is increase your traffic .To increase traffic, of course you need to write a variety of materials that have a great quality, So people will love to read your blog and will return repeatedly to read more. If you want to make a great traffic you can check my site at ” FREE” category , there is a great way to make a boom traffic.
  • Pre-Sell : So what is Pre-sell ? This mean you can create a page that explain the benefits of products that you offer , This page call “Pre-sell Page” You can make a simple blog or website that explain the benefits of a product , and recommend people to use that product. With pre-sell page you can make visitor understand the product, and off course if the buy the product then you will earn money.

Note 1: preseling is necessary for those who do affiliate marketing. But for you who seek money from selling links (site links, in links, paid reviews), and from ads publishing (eg: Google AdSense), you must know it too. For you who have business in the ads publishing (eg Google AdSense), May be great if you focus in improving your content Note 2: always be honest in doing preselling. Even though you may really want to get money from the sales commission.

  • Monetization : This is the last step to gain success on internet business . After you make a great content , boom your website with traffic , do a best pre-sell . then you can use this step . monetization means how to make your visitor produce money for you. the best way to doing this step is , To create a great link and ads position so your click through ratio increase and the result is your earning is increase too.
If you doing all this step , I guarantee you will increase your earning. All the master use this way because this is the “KEY OF SUCCESS “

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