Learn More about blogging from blogging juction

Learn More about blogging from blogging juction

Blogging junction is a right place to learn more about blogging

It has been about two month since my blog has a great reader name saksham talwar, a real blogger who really know how to blog, friend of community, good commentator and off course the owner of www.bloggingjunction.com

Learn what saksham know from his blog

Well, blogging is part of my life now and probably for most of you. Many people searching about how to blog on Google every single day, most of them don’t know how to start a blog, how to optimize their recent blog, how to make money with their blog and news about blogosphere. This is what you can find at bloggingjucntion.com.

Blogging junction is a wordpress blog with nice “calm “color and good looking logo create by the owner himself. You can choose what category you love to see on blog sidebar, there is lots of category such as ; blogging , design and coding , adsense , site news , seo and much more , sure you won’t find any problem to walking around his blog.

What I love from saksham talwar

If you have been a blogger for many years , I think you will easily see saksham comment on others blog . Yeah , he is the man , friend of community . So if you are new one , you can visit his blog and leave your first comment then sure he will visit back your blog and leave his comment in return. Nice huh

What I love and what I can get from blogging junction

Blogging junction Is a nice blog for no doubt , sachem always post update news on his blog. Blogging junction also have tons of commentator and valuable reader which you can ” steal ” some of them for your blog. Just visit regularly and then leave some valuable comment , I bet you will get a lot commentator and the same valuable reader for your blog top.

Update : Saksham has starting his new forum , make sure you are one of the members. It’s free

Visit his site for more information

Conclusion: if you think that blogging is a thing and very important for your life then blogging junction must very suitable for you. You will learn new things there, step by step how to blog, blogging news, community update, and much more

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