Learn more about plagiarism and How to prevent your blog from it

Learn more about plagiarism and How to prevent your blog from it

Learn more about plagiarism and how to prevent them

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is bad thing, copies other people article without any permission from the author or without put any link source, and people who love plagiarism are call copycat. Copycat copy your original article and post it in their blog and even worst they claim the article as their own.

This is what copyscape say about plagiarism:

“Plagiarism is a serious and growing problem on the Web. At any moment, anyone in the world can copy your online content and instantly paste it onto their own site. After making minor changes, they will claim your content as their own.

The Web is built on the hard work of honest people who devote their time and energy to creating original content. The global epidemic of content theft violates people’s rights and discourages the creation of new web content.

Copyscape was created as a free public service to address this growing problem. The resources below can help you protect your rights online and defend against the threats of plagiarism and content theft. ”

How to prevent plagiarism? Copyscape have the solution for you

In defending your rights online against plagiarists, it’s important to be both vigilant and proactive. These four easy steps should help protect your content from being stolen:

  1. Place a plagiarism warning banner on each of your pages to deter plagiarists from stealing your work.
  2. Include copyright notices on each of your pages to assert ownership over your content (© is © in HTML).
  3. Use the automatic Copysentry service to detect and identify illegal copies of your content as they appear.
  4. If your content has been copied without permission, take immediate steps to have it removed.

Copyscape has great feature, which you can use to find your copies article on the webs. (See picture bellow for details)

After finish you search, you will have web address with similar article on their web, then you can check that webs whether they have copy your article without any permission or article links source or author name. If you found it, send warning to them.

Find your article copies now! Click banner bellow to start.



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