Must know tips | How to grab color from other blog or picture

Must know tips | How to grab color from other blog or picture

Learn how easy grab color from other blog or picture , step by step

Many of beginner blogger change their blog color monthly, why?  because they want to choose the best , Fresh and fit color for their blog, so their visitor will have a great impression when visit their blog for the first time , but if you have difficult to choose best color for you blog , then you can grab / copy other people blog color (make sure you color that you grab is from popular blog ,why ? because almost all popular blog have special team that really know what is the best color for their blog ) so you will have professional color looking blog for free.

Many of blogger didn’t Know that colors are so important to make your visitor return to your blog (useful and unique contents are still the most important) so I will teach you how to grab color from other blog with simple software “Paint”. Read this out!

To start copy or grab color then you must follow this step by step:

A.      First you can start looking blog or website that have nice looking ( find professional blog or site because almost all of them know about how to choose best colors for their site/blog).

B.      After found one , use ” Print screen button ” to copy the image show on your monitor screen , Example :



1. Use pick tool to choose color

2. Color you want to choose and grab to use on your blog

3. Use command in colors tab then click edit colors, define custom colors


C. Now you can get the RGB code from color you choose, the final step is we will convert the RGB to HEX color, because all website engines use HEX color as code.

D. Open , put your RGB color there and click “SET RGB button “, and bang! You will get the HEX color for your blog.

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