My new project make me money – November earningstep dot com report

My new project make me money – November earningstep dot com report

I love November for many reasons – November Earningstep dot com report


November, yeah I must say that I love that month. A month when I removed adsense ads from earningstep dot com and a month when I got so many project and earn lot of money. Just like I said above, I love November for many reasons, not only about earning but it’s about traffic and reader. I got better traffic on November and that cause my alexa rank increase. Well, this is my earningstep dot com November report for detail.

November Traffic report – it got better, believe me.


Note: compare with last month. The traffic increase from 22k to 24k and I must say that this is the highest traffic record that I ever have since this blog started. What do you think?

My alexa rank report – I believe you agree with me, my alexa rank got better and better.


Note: compare with October alexa rank, this blog beat 21.975 other site. That’s nice, right? Earningstep dot com alexa rank increase from 131.780 to 109.805. Off course it will get better next month, the target is bellow 100k.Alexa also show me other good news , earningstep dot com got new  ” linking it” number , now Alexa shows EarningStep dot com have 105 sites linking in.

My November earning report – better or not, you name it.

  • Pay per click = Google adsense $1,452.88 ( from my other blog )
  • Affiliate program = $ 159 ( OMG I hope it get better next month )
  • Sponsored post and banner =  $ 50 (  it’s not from this blog )
  • My private Project = $ 750 ( and it will increase next month )

Note: since I removed Google adsense from this blog, my Google adssense earning was decrease. It decreases about $330 from $1,782 to $1,452. But the great news came from my other earning program. My affiliate program got a better result even it just increased a little bit, the same thing happened with sponsored post and banner earning. And introducing my new earning program from my new project (if you remember at my other post, I said about my project and project, this is what I mean) I got orders from two companies at my country to help them create a site for their company, and I did it easily with $750 in my pocket (what do you think buddy?)

Top commentator winner for November 2009

This month we also got three winners and here are top ten commentators for November 2009 (you are next):

  1. Saksham | Blogging Junction
  2. Dana @ Online Knowledge
  3. Cantabro
  4. Blogging Tips
  5. DJ
  6. Tekshek
  7. Lee Ka Hoong
  8. Lee|Money4Invest
  9. Brad Harmon
  10. Diabetis

And top three winners on commentator list will win free banner on my sidebar, please send me the best banner that you have and I will put it live on my sidebar at 11 December 2009.

Good news from top commentator contest on December 2009

This month I have a new prize for my top commentator, it called best commentator winner. I have a FREE REVIEW for the winner as the best commentator on my blog. Please note that my blog have 24k traffic every month and sure my review will increase the popularity of your blog. It’s a very worth prize for you to have.

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