Test the compatibility of your blog – blogging killer tips

Test the compatibility of your blog – blogging killer tips

Don’t lose your visitor just because of this simple thing


Well, let say you have finished your blog template and you have use the best plugin that you can ever found then what? Are you going to searching for traffic, try to optimize your search ranking or submit your blog to directory site? try to choose one before continue reading this post ( i bet you must have one choice , have you ? )

Here i have a story for you

I can’t remember the exact time but I am sure that was last year ago when I asked this question in a forum (actually a pool)

What is the next step you will do soon after your blog finished?

  1. Searching for visitor to my blog
  2. Optimize my blog search ranking
  3. Submit my blog to all directory site that I know
  4. Comment on other blog / post a post on forum using blog link as signature
  5. Test my own blog and see if there is any error on the blog

And the result is more than 75% choose option number one and more than 15% choose option number two , actually it really surprised me to know that almost all blogger didn’t choose the last option which is the most important thing to do after finish a blog .

Don’t lost traffic because of compatibility problem

Okay, I though you may know about this better than me. There are lot of plugin, css / html code and blog template that probably not compatible with all browser. Mozilla, internet explorer, safari ,google chrome and opera are the most favorite plugin in the world and one from them may not compatible with your blog, who knows?

So this is what you need to do after read this post, download the entire browser and try to open your blog with every browser, see if any error happens. If you don’t see any error then your blog has pass the browser compatibility test but if not then you need to find solution for that.

Conclusion: browser compatibility test is really important for every blog to pass and I am sure you are not a guy that wants to lose your visitor just because of this five minutes test.

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