This is why you failed to make money with your blog

This is why you failed to make money with your blog

Things you need to know to prevent failed on blogging!

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80% blogger failed to make money online and this number increase every day because there will be lot of new blogger born every single hour. But you don’t need to be afraid because actually make money online with blogging is easy than you thing especially you know the secret of blogging.

Secret of blogging is you!

You don’t need to tell me that you already read hundreds of eBook because you will not get anything just by reading. The only thing blogger need to do is take action for their blog, blogger need to be smarter than ever, trying and trying is not a secret but already being a great formula for successful blogger before you.

Prevent failing to make money with blog!

80% blogger failed to make money online with their blog because of simple things. I have told you and hundreds of my reader this before, but I will repeat it once again:

  1. Don’t blog for money. Real blogger blog for people and passion, they do all things to make their reader happy and the result is their blog will success and success means money.
  2. Focus on topic. Successful blogger always focus on their topic.  All article, tips, feature content a categories on their blog always focus on one subject.
  3. Care and love their reader. You will fail if you don’t know how to treat your reader. Your reader is important because they are your money source.
  4. Read all tips in my blog. By read all tips in my blog will increase your knowledge to know more about blogging, traffic, see and make money tips.

Reading this article is useless if you not take action immediately. I hope you know how to blog better because that’s the rule if you want to make money online.


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