What auto blog blogger has missed – be the true blogger

What auto blog blogger has missed – be the true blogger

For blogger that using auto blog software – this is what you have miss out?


I bet you heard about auto blog or a plugin call wp-o-matic before. I just wonder what people think about this plugin, is this plugin great? Useful or garbage? I believe my entire buddy knows what is real blog mean and not using this plugin but for people that use this plugin on the blog, you need to read this post because you have miss understanding about blogging and blogger.

What is real blogger? What is this mean?

I believe that auto blog blogger never thought about this. real blogger is people who create their own article / content to post on their blog , real blogger really enthusiast with their topic , they love to share , they love to see their reader happy with their article , they need feedback for their article not only for money. Auto blog user just use peoples article and damage the real meaning of the blog

It is really different when you are a real blogger with your own post and when you are a damn auto blog user. Auto blog user will never know how it feels being a blogger that receives much feedback from the reader for what they do on their blog.

What is real blog? What is this mean?

Simple, real blogger have a real blog. Fake blog just use auto / wp-o-matic to produce all post on their blog.

What you have missed if you are auto blog user (user that use wp-o-matic)

Here are few things that you probably missed if you are one of people that have an auto blog:

  1. The sensation as a real blogger, I bet auto blog user never have this felling before. Just ask lee ka Hoong, Chris or richi. I am sure they will  happy to tell you their felling as real blogger
  2. Real connection with your reader. This is really making sense, how can you make a good connection with your reader if you use auto blog for your blog.
  3. Real money with your blog. I know some of people can make money with auto blog but it’s not the same feeling if you make money from your blog with all the hard work.

Honestly being an auto blog user has missed so much cool stuff compare with real blogger and the most important is auto blog user has missed a title called ” Real blogger “

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