When is the best time to published post?

When is the best time to published post?

The best time to publish your post

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I was amazed with the result that I got after I know the secret of posting time. It didn’t take a long time for my blog to growing when I know the best time for publishing my post and I know you will feel the same after read this post and start to implement it on your blog.

Okay, the question is when is the best time to publish post on your blog? It’s really simple question but you don’t know how to answer it, right? I found that there is only one thing you need to know in order to set the best post time on your blog and that is you need to know Your visitor come from WHERE ?

Get the map and you ready to go!

It’s really important to know more about your visitors especially where they are come from. You can easily found your visitor map using Google analytic. Google analytic provide detail information about your visitor and this is enough for you to continue the next step.

Map is in your hand, set the time!

google analytic map overlayed

Let say you are already know that most of your visitor is come from USA then you need to set your blog time with USA real time.

Okay, you are done with first step and the next thing you need to do is choose the best time for your blog post. Based on my experience 08.00-09.00 at the morning and 16.00-17.00 at the evening is good time to publish blog post.

The most important part of posting time secret.

There are a few note you need to know before set your own time for posting:

1. Stick with the time, example case: when you already choose 08.00 for your first post and 16.00 for second post then stick with it. This will make your visitor easier to follow your blog and sure they will be your royal visitor.

2. Use schedule / stamping time which is basic feature from wordpress to help you deal with posting time.

3. Change the time when the result is not good enough but make sure you tried it at least one month.

4. Before using data from Google analytic, make sure you are already using them at least one month. This will make sure you receive more accurate data from them.

See how easy to deal with your posting time, try it and you will amaze with the result.

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