Increase your blog/site position on search engine with link popularity

Increase your blog/site position on search engine with link popularity

The related between link popularity and search engine position


In my older post I have tell you about internal factor of SEO and this is next step of SEO call external factor of SEO External factor is very important to optimize SEO; you really need to understand this factor if you want to have your blog get higher position on search engine result. So, which is external factor? Link popularity is the true answer or people usually say it as BACKLINK.

you may have read about backlink before but did you know the true fact about Backlink and the related with page rank . read this post for the fact , and subscribe to this site to get more and more tips

What is link popularity?

Link popularity is how much linking from other website/blog that pointing to your blog or site. Let say john cow dot com (keyword in this blog is “Make money ” ), this blog have so many link popularity because have so many useful stuff, tips and content. And the result is this blog have high position on search engine when people search something using “make money” as keyword.

How to have link popularity?

Normally people will link to your blog if you have something useful or unique or something new, so you need to post and create useful thing for your reader, and get them link to you.  You can also do some link exchange (you put other people link and they put your link)

How to optimize link popularity?

Quality link popularity is come from blog or site that has high page rank (what is page rank? Page rank is rank from Google to show how much link popularity in a site/blog) example : you will have more great result if you have one backlink from blog that have page rank 8 , then you have 5 backlink from blog that have page rank 3 .

Your site <– one other site with page rank 8  BETTER THAN Your site <– five other site with page rank 3 <– = Backlink > = Better

Something you need to know about link popularity: When you ask other blogger for link exchange, you need to give them your anchor text for link.  example : <a href=”” target=”_blank”>free comic and animation</a> this mean you have optimize your keyword about ” Free comic and animation” and when people search something using free comic or animation as keyword , your blog will have more higher position on result. Conclusion: Clearly link popularity is great to increase your search engine position, the key is get link with blog that have high page rank and choose the right keyword for your blog. Link popularity + High page rank blog/site + Popular Keyword = Great result on Search engine Stay with this blog or subscribe, I will tell you more about SEO.
The next post i will tell you about external factor ” Link Popularity ” that will quickly increase your seacrh engine ranking. If you like my post please subscribe here

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