Optimize keyword as internal factor of SEO

Optimize keyword as internal factor of SEO

Do you know optimize keyword is internal factor on SEO and How to optimize your keyword ?


If you already read my post about How to choose profitable keyword for your site or blog, then this time I will teach you how to optimize the keyword. Why optimize keyword is so important? Simple, to make your blog have best position on Search engine. By optimize your keyword you will optimize SEO of your site too.  So you need to understand SEO to optimize your keyword. Basically SEO have two factors: Internal factor and external and optimize keyword is internal factor for SEO. What is internal factor? Internal factor on SEO is about your content, keyword and link Content: To have more good position on search engine, make sure you have more text as content, not image and flash video or picture. Why text? Because search engine more easy to read your text then image. If you have more text as content then image, you will have more chance have good SEO Keyword : Keyword is important for SEO , To Optimize keyword you need to put your keyword on your content , use your keyword several time on your content ( but don’t over) , you also need to put your keyword as title and if you like you can give BOLD format for keyword Link: check your link in every post; make sure you don’t have any broken link or JavaScript error on your site. This is best for SEO and visitor too. Tips to optimize keyword:

  • Use your keyword on content, title, give bold format, or color.
  • Use your keyword more than 3 times on content but not more than 10 times
  • Your content length must more than200 words but you don’t need to write too length content ( I usually write 200-1000 words with 3 or 5 times keyword on content)
  • Place your keyword on the top of content ( search engine usually crawl this place first )


The next post i will tell you about external factor ” Link Popularity ” that will quickly increase your seacrh engine ranking. If you like my post please subscribe here

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