Tips to write Anchor text

Tips to write Anchor text

Have a better search engine result With good anchor text

This is basic and must learn for every blogger and website owner to increase SEO. Many of blogger frustrating about how to get better at SEO , Many of them spent much money to get them , but I must tell you that you can have good SEO FREE , with anchor text . Read this post and you will know the best way to create anchor text is.

What is anchor text? Anchor text is clickable text that is associated with a link, when you see a text link like “Click here “this is called anchor text (but not a good anchor text). Anchor text will make your site have good position on search engine when people type a keyword that relevant with your anchor text.

How to create anchor text? You can create anchor text easily with html format like this: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>your keyword</a>  the result with this html code is :  your keyword , you can change ” your keyword” word with your own blog or site keyword . Example your site is about anime comic then you can use html like this to promote you’re anchor text <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Best anime comic free to read</a> , with this code you have use ” best anime comic free to read ” as anchor text and keyword for your site . Anchor text is great way to have a better SEO for your site, but choosing anchor text is more important , this is the key to get better SEO of your site .

Here I got the tips to have a good anchor text :

  • Choose anchor text based on your site keyword . (Never write an anchor text that your site never have it) example your site have only anime comic content , don’t write free anime comic , movie and cartoon . because if you do this your visitor will only visit once but never comeback to visit your site anymore because they don’t find what they want , you can write best anime comic , Free to read.
  • Never write too long anchor text .
  • Let people link to you with appropriate anchor text.
  • Don’t try and SPAM the search engine using unscrupulous link trading or search companies as+ you could get black-listed and not recover from a lowered ranking.

Where can I post anchor text :

  • Other blogger site when you post a comment . This is best place to start promote your anchor text . Make sure you are top ten commentators in topic , so you will get your anchor text visible to every visitor .
  • Post anchor text as signature on forum , this is also great way to post anchor text . Register to great forum like warrior forum , adsense id , digital point , and create your signature with your anchor text inside . ( this maybe the best way because in every post you do you also promote your anchor text )
  • Use anchor text as signature when you email people .
  • Use your anchor text when you create and post article to press release or other article directory

I will tell you more about anchor text in my next post. so please stay with this site

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