I am falling in love with this game – call of duty modern warfare 2

Shoot anything you want- call of duty modern warfare 2

Infinity Ward, Inc has doing a great job by creating the next generation of modern warfare. The second part of call of duty modern warfare. The best shooting game that probably ever created on earth or maybe I just too falling in love with [...]

Say love when you still have a chance – This week important lesson

A very short video clip to remind you to someone who you love

Last week was a very important week in my life because I have got a very short video (it’s only 3 minutes) but it change my life and give me a new thinking. Before you watch the video bellow, I just want [...]

Complete video about how to make money with clickbank – clickbank for beginner

Three complete video to learn how to make money with clickbank

For clickbank beginner or starter, I just got a nice and complete video for you. Here you can see three video about how to deal with clickbank, start from choosing product tips, play with hoplink and put the hoplink on your blog (BlogSpot user). [...]

How to install and setting Lunascape browser – Video tutorial

This morning I have reviewed / shared a really nice browser call lunascape and just one hour after the post published, I got one mail from my reader (actually a woman). she really interest with lunascape browser which I said is the most compatible and probably the fastest browser this time but she found problem [...]

Indonesian independent day funny video

still about Indonesian independent day , I got two unique video which is the funniest video that I can ever found ( thanks for the author Cokotz and yoedeng ) and I want to share with you , hope you will know how I enjoyed the event.

This is the first video about eat [...]

Learn the Link building strategy from martin Murray

This morning I have posted about increasing your search engine ranking by decrease your outbound link, honestly I am not an expert of it but he (martin Murray) is. Here is one of the best video from martin Murray which you can learn something useful about link building. I dare to say that link [...]