Kill more with Mouse Razer Lachesis – from gamers by gamers

Razer Lachesis – bringer of silent death

Yesterday, I just got my brand new mouse called Lachesis. An excellent mouse that have all I need to help my hand maintain my job. Razer has built lot of gamer mouse for gamer and Lachesis is just one of the best one that attracted my [...]

Share a little about my Computer – My core i5 Rig

I am using this computer to make thousands every month

Well , after a month sharing about make money with Google adsense , I think this is a great time to have some break time and share a little topic about me and my hobby , opss… not .. Not about make money online, [...]

A tour with my girlfriend to Simalem and Hillpark day two – most beautiful place on earth

Wanna play roller coaster or watch 4 dimension movies at hillpark?

On the second day of my tour with girlfriend, I have so much fun at hillpark. Just unforgettable experience when I play roller coaster, watch four dimension movie at 4d theater and tons of other games. Even I didn’t take so many photos [...]

A tour with my girlfriend to Simalem and Hillpark day one – most beautiful place on earth

Most beautiful place that I ever visited – Simalem and Hillpark

Three days ago I took a tour with my girlfriend to the most beautiful place at north Sumatra – Indonesia and maybe the most beautiful place on earth. Spent two unforgettable nights there, took dozen of nice pictures, ate lot of new foods, [...]

Nokia 8800 Gold Special edition – Favorite Phone of Mine

I love phone for sure. I own ten phones, three for daily use and seven for collection. In this post I will share one of the best collections of my phone “Nokia 8800 gold Special edition “. Honestly this phone is lack of feature but I still love it because of the design, i am [...]

What is going on Indonesia Independent Day?

Indonesian independent day photos from all over the place

Two days ago is a big day for Indonesian peoples, more than 200 million people celebrated Indonesian independent day and I am one from eighty thousand people in my town that enjoyed the event.

There are lot of fun things happened on the events such [...]