Who is johnchow and what is his make money secret

Who is johnchow and what is his make money secret

Johnchow from blogger eyes


In this post I am not going to tell you about where he live, how many cars and houses that he have, who is his wife and what is his little cute girl name. Because I am going to tell you who is john chow from a blogger eyes.

Who is johnchow? This is what I think about him.

I am sure you visit john chow blog before, he has a clean blog with mini affiliate banner bellow the page bar, light grey sidebar, sliding featured post. Based on my experience as his blog reader,  johnchow is a great money maker and he really know how to selling not only products but his potential as well and of course he is one from not too much great blogger that make money with his blog.

About johnchow make money eBook

If you read johnchow eBook before  ( it’s free and you should read it ) which he tell you about make money online , you will find lot of great site where we can make money online with our blog. You can also learn useful blogging tips , traffic booster , adsense tips and even he told us how to increase our feed burner number but the best part is the evil ways that we can use to deal with adwords , textlinkads , and others.

John chow eBook is really neat for beginner or even if you are an expert because I believe you will find new tips that you may never know before.

Johnchow make money system !

You can clearly see that johnchow make a lot of money from his ttz affiliate network and others affiliate program , he is doing paid to write review program ( just imagine $500 for one review), He also use kontera as a pay per click program and make money from banners on his blog.

John chow as a blogger  ?

I found that john is really a nice guy , he will answer your question if you ask but off course depend on the topic that you want him to help.

What is john chow say about blogging in this time ?


This is what john chow said and i hope you get something from this :
Blogging in this time is the best time. When I started, there wasn’t the amount of technology and money making ad networks are here are today.

Today you can make money not just from a blog, but from you Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s a great time to start.

If you want to visit johnchow blog and grab his eBook , I think this is the times because you will never know whether he still give his great eBook for free.

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