Adsblacklist | Get higher cost per click and remove made for ads easily

Adsblacklist | Get higher cost per click and remove made for ads easily

Step by step How to increase your adsense or payperclick revenue in three easy steps


Every publisher ( adsense , adbrite , chikita , etc ) want to get high paying keyword on their blog or site , but not all keyword have high cost per click , if your keyword have not really high cost per click then I will teach you three step to get more high cost per click ads on your blog , FREE with Adsblacklist , read review bellow ?

What is adsblacklist? is a unique project designed to enable you to dramatically reduce the amount of MFA (made for ads) and LCPC (low cost per click) sites which appear through the use of PPC systems such as Google AdsenseTM, Yahoo Publisher NetworkTM and Chitika eMiniMallsTM

So I will say with adblacklist you can remove low cost per click ads and that means you can get higher revenue from adsense or other pay per click program that you join.

How to use adsblacklist?

Using adsblacklist is completely easy, you only need three step go get it done:

1.       Sign up first

2.       Register or add your domain in this site and write your keyword about your blog or site ( they keyword will use by adsblacklist to find low cost per click and mad for ads site so write true keyword that use on your blog )

3.       Then you can start click “Generate filter list ” to get blacklisted sites

You can get 200 blacklisted sites for free with adsblacklist, this means you can remove 200 sites that pay you very low cost for them exist on your site.

Here is the sample low per click and made for ads sites I got from adsblacklist

After get the list what should I need to do next?

You must combine this site with your pay per click program, example I using google adsense then I will paste list that I get from adsblacklist to competitive ad filter in my google adsense account


So I have done remove low cost per click sites and made for ads sites in only three steps. Easy job!

This will increase your payperclick revenue for sure I got more 35% revenue with this site, try this and see your own result !

Click here to join For FREE!


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