Broken link checker – a must have seo plugin for wordpress blog

Broken link checker – a must have seo plugin for wordpress blog

The easiest way to fix broken links on your blog


I think every blog owner must have broken links problem on their blog and Lot of them (include me) didn’t realize that and even don’t know how to fix it.

Broken links has been big problems since Google really focus on inbound link on your blog. So I must say the only thing you can do is fix the links before goggle mad to

There is two ways to fix the broken link:

The first one is use redirection plugin: so when people got error page, they will redirect to other page/post but I don’t think this is the best solution because you may redirect people to the page/ post that actually they don’t want to visit.

The best and second solution is use broken link checker .Why I said that this is the best solution?  Because by using this free plugin you will fix the links even before visitor click the link. After use this plugin all link will be no more problem.

How you use broken link checker?

Using this plugin is easier than open the post one by one to check if there are broken link or not. The first thing you need to do is install the plugin ( I have provided the link bellow ), activate the plugin and give some time for this plugin to find broken link on your blog , After got the information then you are ready to fix the broken links , look at the picture bellow for detail information :

Note: this picture show you how to use the plugin to fix the broken link, I found that you can use several way to fix the link based on the link condition (you may keep the broken link as a link or remove the link value)

The details feature from this plugin

Before you click link bellow to download the plugin, read their feature which can help you to optimize your blog:

  1. Automatic search the broken link, redirect link and total link on your blog.
  2. Remove the broken link feature: yes you can remove the link from the post/page with only one single click
  3. Change the link: you can change the wrong link to the right link.
  4. Unlink the link: you can also unlink the hyperlink that didn’t work (broken link)

Conclusion : By remove the broken link on your blog will make sure you have better seo for your blog and even better than that, you don’t need to spend a cent for this full feature plugin.

Download the plugin now and you may surprise with how many broken links on your blog.

Download broken link checker

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