Copyscape | great service to protect your blog from plagiarism and copycat

Copyscape | great service to protect your blog from plagiarism and copycat

Prevent your “hard work” from copycat and plagiarism


Every blogger know what copycat is , and off course real blogger hate copycat , because copycat always copy your article and post it in their own blog without any permission , without write the article real source / author , This is why I hate copycat.
Imagine you have think hard and write article day and night for your blog and then in the next day your article copies are on the web on other people blog, OMG.

For every real blogger that hate copycat and want to prevent your article from them, I have great news for you. Now you can prevent every article on your page easily, with and I will review them plus step by step how to prevent your article from copycat, read this entire post.

What is is really useful site, they have great feature that can prevent your article from copycat, from plagiarism. And the best part is, you can use their service for free (free join as member)

How to join

Really easy, click banner bellow this post, fill your username, your email and done , you can start protect your blog/web for free .

What I can get by being their member?

Main feature is COPYSENTRY. With this feature you can protect your site from copycat, after register and login, you need to enter your web address and your automatic protection can be up and running in minutes (see picture bellow for example)

By add your web address in their system, you will have full protected from copycat, because copyscape will automatically emailing you whenever new copies appear.

Is this important?

Actually this is very important for blogger to protect all original articles from copycat. If you protect your original article from them then you can have better SEO and SERP on your keyword. Believe me.

Join Copyscape and protect your blog now!



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