CubeStat | Estimated worth valuation for your blog/site

CubeStat | Estimated worth valuation for your blog/site

Know your blog / site worth valuation | Price for your blog/site

All blogger and website owner work hard for their site , write new things  , find new idea , make site look more professional , increase SEO , ping their site , make community for the site , every day ( day and night ) work the best for their site , For what ? If people answer that question to me ,my answer is, I doing all the best things for my blog Because I’m maniac of my blog topic , and for my blog ” Price ” ( I  want to have high price blog ).

Do you know that every blog, every site in the world have it own price, don’t believe me? Read this entire post bellow.

It’s unique to Know how high price your blog/site have now , many of people never think about it , but you know what , by know your blog price can give you more spirit to make your blog better in the future , and to estimated your blog worth valuation , you can use .

What is

Cubestat estimated worth valuation for every web and blog in the world including web stat, Meta info, rank from Alexa, Quantcast rank, pagerank, Dmoz, icann and similar profile info

The main feature at cubestat is to estimate your blog price (see picture bellow for example “How much Google worth ”


How does Cubestat work?
Cube stat’s algorithm is based on numerous free internet sources including age, indexed pages, backlinks, ranks and popularity.
After accumulation of the info there is a calculation for each one of the requested domains.
The website worth, daily pageviews and daily ads revenue are estimated from this and display for the requested URL.
How long should I wait to see new stats? Is there any update?
Every domain get estimations & stat update at least every 2 weeks.

Another feature I can get from

You can get more than your blog price with and the most important is , you can use their feature any time you want and FREE. Here is Cube stat report for your blog.

  • Website Worth
  • Daily Pageviews
  • Daily Ads Revenue
  • Estimated Date
  • Meta Info
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Index Data
  • Quantcast Rank
  • Page Rank
  • Back Links
  • Dmoz Listing
  • IP, Host & Whois
  • Site Age
  • Rank Graphs

Click picture bellow to estimate your blog worth valuation.



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