Free Directory and Links Exchange Service

Free Directory and Links Exchange Service

Free Directory and Links Exchange Service

In this week I have review so much great site that give you service to analytic your blog/site for free . Actually there are hundreds of site out there have the same service like site I have reviewed . One of them with full feature is , I will review their entire feature but first I will start review their main service which is link exchange .

What is friendlinks ?

FriendsLinks is a FREE link exchange service designed to provide you with access to thousands of link exchange partners in our directory. Actually their main service is this , you only need to signup , add your site , add code ( you can learn this in their website ) , and start link exchange .

As you know before , backlink is very important for SEO and SERP , if you have lot of backlink then automatically you will have better SEO and SERP . This is why every master wants to have backlink as much as they can and I am the same  , so please give me backlinks ( laugh ) .

More about link exchange in this site ?

By being their member for free , you can add your site for link exchange with others member , you can add your site category so you will have quality backlink from other site which have same theme with yours . Is this great or what ?

More feature in this site ?

Actually they have hundred of free service that you can use . But I will review other service in my next post , so stay with this blog , don’t miss anything with their service .

Start you link exchange now ? clink banner bellow !



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