Free quality backlink | How to get free quality backlink from top blog

Free quality backlink | How to get free quality backlink from top blog

Do you know how to get quality backlink from top blog ?

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I received two mails from my royal reader, they asked me to answer question above . I received the first mail last week and the second mail two days ago. First, I want to say sorry to my reader because I’m late reply your mail ( I’m so busy this week) but the great news is I will answer your question here.

Do you know what the benefit is if we can have lot of backlink to our website ?

Good if you know , by having lot of quality backlink to your blog will increase your blog SEO , SERP ( search engine result page) and SER ( search engine ranking ) for sure. The quality backlink I means here is backlink come from top blog which have high page rank and have the similar topic / keyword with our blog .

How to find top blog that have similar keyword with our blog ?

Easy , Technorati will help us to find it. You only need to use their search box and type your keyword , after the results show up then you can start looking for blog with high authorize. Make sure you grab as much as you can blog with high authorize .

Okay I get the list, what I need to do with the list ?

Actually your job is start from here :

1. You need to visit all sites on the list and find whether they have top commentators feature on their blog ( I can find 3 blog from 5 blog in my list so I think you will not have any difficult to find them ).

2. Save all blogs that have top commentators feature on their blog .

3. The last step is start give you opinions/comments on their blog post (you will get plus benefit if you can be the first people that comment on their blog post ). Be their top commentators , and receive your reward with your urn on their top commentators list.

Please note : don’t spam any blog , you will get banned if you do this.

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