FREE seo optimizer for your page and keyword on your blog

FREE seo optimizer for your page and keyword on your blog

Free seo optimizer | Have better seo and keyword in one step

In my last review about, I have reviewed about their web analytic feature, they really know how to give use free feature, what about you, have you start using their great and free feature? If don’t then I suggest you to give them a try (I know you will love their feature just like me).

Okay know I will review more about their feature , which are their seo optimizer ( page and keyword optimizer ) , honestly I love this feature very much , and learn lot of things from this feature , you want to know more, read this entire page .

What is SEO optimizer?

This is another great feature from, with this feature you can easily optimize page and keyword of your blog. You can get free analyze report about your keyword on your blog

How to use this feature?

Everyone are free to use this feature (member or non member) but I suggest you to be their member to use another feature from them, open their site by click banner bellow this post, continues with type your blog / site name then your keyword/phrase then choose what search engine you want to use, last thing is click analyze page button (see picture bellow for detail)

You will receive page & keyword optimizer report of your blog and tips from experts to optimize your blog / site keyword in future (picture bellow is sample of their report) you can learn their suggestion, try to fix their warning and do their tips to have better keyword for your blog.


Okay, want to start use this great feature, click banner bellow to start it!


Next review is more feature about this site , don’t miss it !


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