Free service to analyze your website and compare with others

Free service to analyze your website and compare with others

Analyze your website | compare with others


In my last post, I have review, is great site which give you free web analytic and other great feature. And now I will review another one but this site have different service with others, why? Because with this site you can analytic other people site too, for what? You will know what benefit you can get by analytic people site and other feature from this site if you read this entire post.

What is is great site if you want to analytic your site or others. you can use their free service to receive your web stats such as monthly page view , monthly unique visitor , your web complete rank , compare your site with another’s , etc . And the most important in this site is you can do the same with others site.

What benefit I can get if I know other people web stats?

When I tell you that you can get other site web stats, you must think in your mind, for what? Most of people don’t realize this great feature. the main benefit is you can compare your site web stats with others ,and if you want to campaign your website to one of three site or more then you can check their web stats first so you can choose the best one , example : you have a blog or product , you want to promote them in one of three site which are , , , then you can use to get their web stats and use it to choose the best one for you , make sense now .

Here is sample of their analytic report.


Oh yes! The best part of this site is you don’t need to register to use their feature. So what are you waiting for, try them.

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