Google analytics! The great potential behind your blog stats

Google analytics! The great potential behind your blog stats

Double your blog traffic from blog analytics! Maximize Google analytics part one


 There are millions blogger on blogosphere now, almost all of them know how to publish a good post. They may know more about new plug-in than you, they may have a nice looking blog at last better than you, BUT not all of them know about “How to use blog stats to double blog traffic”.

I’m sure you heard about web stats , web analyze or web tracking before, when I say about web tracking or analyze then Google analytics will be in your mind right ? Who don’t know about Google analytics , the most powerful web tracking and analytics which is free to use for everyone that want to know the detail about their blog stats.

Most of blogger use Google analytics to get their blog analyzed, they just want to know more about statistics of their blog. 90% of them don’t know about great potential behind Google analytics and behind their blog statistics. Do you know?

 If you don’t then let me tell you, Google analytics is not only for analyze your blog, but you can use it to know more detail about your blog traffic. By know the detail of your blog traffic then you can double or even triple your blog traffic. Believe me?

 I will tell you how to maximize all features on Google analytic in my next post. All you need to do for now are sign up to Google analytics and add your blog there. You can click image bellow or type


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