How Choose Best keyword Using Free tool

How Choose Best keyword Using Free tool

This is step by step about how to choose keyword using Google keyword tool


Keyword is everything for blogger to get better SEO and more visitors, why I saying that, because visitor send by search engine is based on keyword, and if you have good and most searched keyword; your site will have more visitors. How to choose best keyword and profitable for your blog. This post will tell you how easy. Okay let’s take an example, you want to create a blog about batman comic, then you want to find most profitable keyword to use. Do this step by step:

1.       Open Google keyword tool external ( This is free tool from google to anylize keyword and get new keyword idea ) and type ” batman comic” for keywordhow-to-choose-keyword 2.       Then you will get this result, your keyword and related keyword. As you can see picture bellow, batman comic is the most searched keyword in March. how-to-choose-keyword-2 3.       But scroll your mouse a little bit low , until you can see additional keywords , you can see ” “Batman” keyword have more search than “batman comic” keyword how-to-choose-keyword-3 4.       With this result, you may think again to use batman comic as keyword. Because “batman” keyword have more search than” batman comic ” keyword 5.        You can change to type another keyword to find the most searched keyword based on your own keyword. Example: batman comics, comic batman, batman cartoon, etc. find the best keyword will make your site have better SEO for sure . For next post I will tell you , How to optimize your keyword . This will make your site have more great result for SEO

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