How to choose keyword for make money with adsense

How to choose keyword for make money with adsense

Increase your earning from every click on your adsense ads

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Make money from adsense is very popular this time , you can easily found million of blogger using adsense as their pay per click program to make money ( not only new bloggers but expert as well and joel comm is one of them ) . in my previously adsense tips , I have told you a lot about how to serve adsense ads in your blog and today I share you a very nice tips to have more high paying keyword and a great site to start it.

Actually the first step you need to do in order to make money with adsense is choosing keyword for your blog and adsense and this is really important because all keywords has their own price, if you have high paying keyword on your blog , you will increase your adsense earning even the click that you get is not increase .

This is the best way to choose keyword with spyfu

Actually spyfu is a site where you can Spy on your online competitors , Download competitors keywords and adwords. Internet marketer use spyfu to spy a keyword price before they take a decision to advertise with adword. But for adsense publisher, you can use spyfu to know how much you can get per click from every keyword you want to check ( see picture bellow for detail )


I use spyfu to spy on a ” domain ” keyword and what I get is :

  1. You will get $ 1.08 – $ 8.47 from every click if you use ” domain ” as a keyword on your blog
  2. Ads that using ” domain ” as keyword is clicked 3.09k -3.91 k everyday
  3. ” domain ” keyword have 21 advertiser
  4. There are 386.000.000 search result for a “domain ” keyword

I think it will great if you can check your own keyword so you will know how much actually you can get if people click your adsense ads and if you have a low paying keyword then you still have a chance to change it or at least use other related keyword to have a better cost per click,

Click banner bellow to start find out your keyword price


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