How to create a membership site – part two

How to create a membership site – part two

I made it and know it’s your turn – create your own membership site


If you have a dream about creating small membership site to earn thousands of dollars every single month, now you have a big chance for that. I will reveal how easy to create a membership site using your existing wordpress blog. It’s really simple and can blow your mind if you think that create a membership site need to spend thousands of dollar.

I found all I need on wordpress – the plugin

I bet you heard about expensive membership script and that’s probably change your mind about have a small membership site. After the first post about creating membership site, I got many mail about what to sell or what I need or what to prepare and I just hold to answer the question and blow them out on this post.

Here is what you need to create a membership site:

  • Product to sell , can be eBook , trick and tips , important information , adult product such as movie and others , software and other stuff that can be update
  • Domain = you need a good domain
  • Hosting = you need an unlimited bandwidth hosting
  • WordPress = I prefer wordpress because it’s really simple and powerful
  • WordPress plugin = free plugin with post modification, detail bellow.

See, if you calculate the price, you don’t need to spend more than 100 dollar for all and the great news is you can do it by your own.

Here is what plugin you need after you set them all:

1.       Post level = most important plugin if you want to create membership site, with this plugin you can lock your post and set a level to every single post you want. Only member with certain / special level can open the post.

Note: you can provide your product inside the post with certain level to lock them from regular visitor

Download the plugin here

2.       Register plus : your membership site will be more great if you modified your register page , with register plugin you can do more than modified your register page , you can even add more field for your new member . you can also create auto mail for every new member that register to your membership site

Download the plugin here

3.       Sidebar login: this is simple plugin, but I recommended them to you. With this plugin, member can login from your sidebar and this will avoid them to visit their regular wordpress profile / dashboard page.

Download the plugin here

4.       Contact form : nothing to explain here , this is must have plugin for every membership site

Download the plugin here

5.       Yahoo messenger status : I love this plugin , because it can show my yahoo messenger status on my membership site and new visitor will find their self easier to contact you using their own YM

Download the plugin here

6.       Email users: I just found this excellent plugin, now I can email all users with only single click. This plugin provide powerful function and still free for all wordpress user. use this plugin to email new information and new offer

Download the product here

Well, I have told all you need to create a standard membership site. Now it’s your turn to try them and make some money with your own membership site.

More tips to come , I will post more tips about membership site such as modified some page , strategy about sales page , promote them for free using adwords and facebook and how to force people to buy your product.

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