How to create professional logo for your blog | FREE

How to create professional logo for your blog | FREE

Read this tips before you create your logo or replace new one !


Many of blogger don’t anything about logo, or even worst there are many blog don’t have logo at all. Remember Logo is the first place where your visitor put their eyes for the first time , if you have professional and nice looking logo then your visitor will get attracted and will stay in your blog for long time and if you have great content then they will subscribe or bookmark your site . That’s the function of logo, so if you don’t have any logo and want to create or replace the old one then I got great tips from to create best logo for your blog, Read this!

  • Your logo should: Be unique and memorable to your company and industry.
    If you try to imitate a successful company in your industry you run the risk of looking like the knock-0off brand of the “real” thing. Design a logo that uniquely personifies your company.
  • Use appropriate colors for your business.
    Don’t choose a color just because it is pretty. Consider how the color may reflect your business. For instance, an anger management company might want to avoid red and look for a soothing blue, while a medical center might find red to be a perfect fit.
  • Use a legible, relevant font for your business.
    The font selections we offer help to ensure you can’t go wrong with a find being illegible, but you still need to be careful to make the font big enough that it is easily readable in something as small a business card. Also, make sure you don’t get sidetracked by choosing a font that is attractive to you but inappropriate for your business. Don’t’ represent a tough construction company with a feminine cursive and don’t represent a ballet company with graffiti-style font.
  • Be simple.
    It may be tempting to rill your logo with lengthy text explaining what your company does but don’t confuse a tagline with a logo. We only provide images that are appropriate for a logo but it’s up to you to make sure the combination of colors and words you use with your icon do not overwhelm a customer. Think of big-name logos, like McDonaldsm and how they handle their logos.
  • Be widely publicized.
    Once you design your logo, be sure to build customer association with your logo through business cards, stationary, and more. For your convenience, the LogoMaker Store lets you customize your logo onto business cards, letterhead, shirtsm and more.

After read Great tips above , I’m sure you want to make new logo for your blog , I got great place to start it , Read my review ” How to create free logo from “ and start create your own professional looking logo .


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