How to creates your own rss feed list with Feedweaver

How to creates your own rss feed list with Feedweaver

Put all your favorite Rss feed list together.

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Yes I said that , you can put all your favorite rss feed list together but I forgot to said ” all you can do with only one tools , one site , one feature and no cost at all” with Feedweaver free feature you can create your own rss feed by combining your favorite rss feeds .

Read Rss feed mean save your time

I love to read rss feed when I don’t have time to visit my favorite site and I wonder you do the same thing. But I found that if I read the rss feed one by one , it really take a lot of time so I started search great tool to help me deal with this and lucky me for found this great site .

Do what I did and you will love it!

Feedweaver is a really nice site that have powerful but free feature to help you create your own rss feed by combining rss feeds from your entire favorite site.

It’s really nice to know that create your own rss feed is easy as subscribe to my rss feed, it takes not more than three steps to create one rss feed that full with your favorite rss feed:

  1. Sign up is the first step which only take 30 seconds
  2. Click ” Create a new feed ” button
  3. Fill the empty box with your favorite rss feeds , save and you are ready to go

Here is the example (I combine my own rss feed with john chow rss feed):


Here is the best part which saves lot of my time!

When you finished create your own rss feed you will get a new link for the new feed and you can visit that link to read all your favorite rss feeds which will update automatically .

Save your time by combine your favorite rss feed now!


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