How to get higher price per click from Google adsense – Earn more money from Google adsense

How to get higher price per click from Google adsense – Earn more money from Google adsense

You can double your adsense earning start from today


Well, still about adsense earning. I have published few great tips about Google adsense this month (great is what people said about my post…lol). I have published about how to deal with adsense ads placement, how to choose ads format and other pretty tips to boost your adsense earning. Today I will share even more important tips to double or triple your adsense earning, I will talk about how to get higher price per click from Google adsense (you probable not believe what I am saying but soon after read this post you will understand)

The story goes from here

This month, I got more than ten mail about this topic “increase higher price per click “people told me that their already have a blog, got a topic and couldn’t change their keyword because the keyword already stick with their domain name (this means they can’t choose high paying keyword) and this also applies for you that already have an old blog with favorite keyword. But if you think that you can’t increase your then you have a wrong idea.

First way – how to get higher price per click adsense ads

Actually I have told my reader how to do this , but if you are my new reader then I suggest you to ready this post ” adsblacklist – get higher cost per click and remove made for ads easily ” that post told you how to use free feature from adsblackist to remove cpa network ads from your adsense ads list ( cpa network ads usually are low price per click ads ) and I have update tips for using adsblacklist , if you want to blacklist more cpa  ads then you can create more than one account , here is how I did and deal with adsblacklist :

  1. Create three or more account on adsblacklist
  2. I used one account to blacklist one keyword of CPA network ads, this means with three account I can blacklist three keyword of CPA network.  Why you need to have more than one account?  this is because usually blog have more than one main keyword , example earningstep dot com use make money online , adsense and traffic booster as keyword and by using three account from adsblacklist then I can blacklist huge list cpa network ads using that keyword , make sense now ?
  3. If you already got the list then paste the list to your adsense account ads filter column
  4. Wait until Google filter the list for you
  5. Wait until people click on your new adsense ads …lol
  6. See your adsense earning for this month , if you have the same number of clicks then I bet you will have more earning than last month

Second way – force adsense to crawl your blog better and put more valuable adsense ads

I also published about this before but the fact is people always miss how important this Google basic feature ” Learn how Google section targeting can make a huge effect to your adsense revenue ” , no doubt that Google section targeting has help me a lot to increase my monthly earning. If you never use this feature before than you can visit link above, learn how to deal with Google section targeting. So how Google section targeting can boost your earning? If you understand how important to have relevant adsense ads then you can answer the question by yourself. Relevant ads will boost your CTR for sure, this is what I dare to say.

Two tips above tested by me and both of them have boosted my earning superbly. What I can recommend for new adsense publisher or people that want to boost their adsense earning is try to focus more on adsense , don’t lose a space for Google ads if you don’t make anything. You know people who can boost their earning in very short time ( I am one of them ) and you know that you can be one of them.

Next Google adsense tips : learn how I deal with Google search , I will tell you my secret about how I can get more than 300 queries search everyday . I am sure this will open your mind about Google search. Make sure you stay with me, subscribe to this blog if you don’t want to miss my killer tips to earn more money with your hand and brain.

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