How to make free and Professional logo from logomaker.

How to make free and Professional logo from logomaker.

How to get Professional logo for free at


I have reviewed how to create logo before at and This is next step to make professional logo with ,if you need tips about how to create professional logo then you can read it here ” READ SUPERB TIPS TO CREATE LOGO HERE ”

Logo is the part where people usually put them eyes for the first time when visit your blog or site, if you have a great and professional logo then it will be no problem, but can you imagine your logo is awful or even worst you don’t have any logo for your great site, even you have great content you must have your own logo to make your blog look more professional. Make sense! To have a professional logo usually people buy it from professional logomaker, but this time I will teach you to make it by yourself for FREE from LogoMaker.

What is is a great place where you can create your own professional logo and purchase it for $49. But using my trick you don’t have to pay anything, YES FREE logo maker at all. And the first step to have professional logo you need to know how to make it on this site.

How to create logo with LOGOMAKER? Visit the site from banner bellow this post and follow this step



Choose the image that you will use in your logo. Choose from over 10,000 unique icons. Logo Maker lets you find the perfect icon for your business by conducting a keyword search or by viewing the icons in different categories. When you view by category, LogoMaker sorts icons into three smaller categories: symbol-based, letter-based, and abstract icons.



Design your logo. Once you select an image, LogoMaker takes you to the design page where you can begin customizing your icon into a unique logo. Click on the icon, and then click on the buttons in the left-hand design section to change the angle, size, color, and other features of the icon. With many icons, you can change colors for just one portion of the icon. You can also add up to two lines of text and customize it so that it fits perfectly with your icon, including the location of the text as well as the angle, size, color, and font style of the text.



Save your logo and try it on the Web, free. When you are satisfied with your new logo, or if you want to return later to finish it, click the “Continue” button. You will be on the third step, called Get your logo. Once your logo is saved, you can click the “Free Web Logo” button to get the free html code you will need to post your logo on your website. There is no fee or time limit on how long you may want to post your logo online.



Purchase your logo for $49. When you purchase your logo, you become the owner of your design, and can legally use it widely to begin building your business image. Once you pay for your logo, you can immediately it downloads it in all major file formats, including jpgs and tiffs.

HERE WE GO , THIS is the time to make it FREE !

Steps above  is full steps to create a logo with and to make it FREE then you only need to do the first and the second step, when you have done the logo, the only thing you need to do is press “Print Screen capture button “on your keyboard and paste the picture on your Microsoft Paint software, LOOK picture bellow for DETAIL.


(Press print screen button on your keyboard after finish your logo)


(open Microsoft paint and paste the image that you capture, use pick color to choose background color on the image you capture, use eraser and hold right mouse click at the background line on your logo and delete all the background line, then you can cut your logo and save it as new image files and use it everywhere you like)

Visit and make your logo for free here !



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