How to make money with eBay – Introduction the rule

How to make money with eBay – Introduction the rule

Introduction the rule of make money on ebay

So this is about Ebay, One of my Favorite place to make money online, one of my biggest income, One of most popular place to make money for million of people arround the world and one of the best place for you to start make money online.

eBay is Gold – you know that, Don’t you ?

Ebay is the biggest marketplace where million of people trades online everyday. You can easily find million of stuff , used stuff, refurbish and unique item. Million of seller try their “ luck “ here everyday ( you will shock to know that lot of them is BIG seller on the marketplace ).

eBay got everthing you need including traffic, This is what I love the most from ebay. I don’t need any SEO or thousands of dollars just to promote my thread because eBay already got them for me.

So how newbie like me can start ?

It’s easy to start selling your stuff on ebay. Most of people won’t try just because they THINK that selling on ebay is full with rule or something like that. NOW I want to tell you the true that selling on ebay is easier than you can ever imagine.

What I know to start is just simple register and start create your listing, That’s it !

The rule on ebay – BASIC !

Before I start this, I just want to tell you that I am TOP RATED SELLER on ebay and I got the title in just three month ( so what you think now  ? ) easy huh ! as easy as you follow the rule bellow

The basic rule to learn :

  1. about you ( ME) : This is important page, I suggest every one to create this page to introduce your self  ). Write a good article about yourself here, not to long but enough to make people know who you are.
  2. The listing : Listing is the key of selling not the price of item. You can find hundred of people selling the same item every day but listing is make someone more success than the other. Just make sure you learn how to write a good listing.
  3. The categories : I bet you don’t want ebay to suspend your account in the first day of your selling. So pay attention on the categories when list an item is a must. You will also get more traffic/ visitor if you list in the right categories.
  4. Feedback : for me this is gold ( I think all seller have the same idea with me ). Don’t play with feedback, satisfy your customer because it will give you nice feedback point. More feedback = more trusted = more item will sold

Actually there is a lot rule to learn on ebay, but above is the key. Make sure you don’t play arround with ebay rule because I am sure you don’t want to get suspend until I continue the second post about ebay that will make you get more and more sales.

Stay on my blog and subscribe to get more my secret about ebay.

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