How to use Twitzer on twitter

How to use Twitzer on twitter

Great way to make your updates on twitter have unlimited length

I have use this tools for a month and I feel so convenient to use this tools, not because this is free tools but also very easy to use. Read my review about this tools and use if free.

What is Twitzer?

Twitzer is a Firefox extension which lets you post text longer than 140 characters on It can also convert links to actual links so that you are sure what link will open.


Install Twitzer by clicking here

1. Once installed, log on to the Twitter site normally and type away in the update box (ignore the character count when it goes into minus and turns red).

2. Once finished with the update, right click anywhere on the page and click “Twitzer text”.

3. The entire text is shortened to <140 characters and the link to the entire text is placed in the update box.


1. With version 1.1 onwards, if you want to see the Twitzered texts, you don’t need to leave the Twitter site anymore. Just right click anywhere on the screen and click “De-Twitzer text”.

2. The extension will fetch all the Twitzered text from and update the Twitter site itself!

if you got any difficulty to use this tools , then you can watch this video about how to use Twitzer

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Watch video about how to use twitzer on twitter

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