Lunascape the most compatible browser at internet

Lunascape the most compatible browser at internet

All in one browser with powerful feature – lunascape browser


If you are looking for the most compatible browser to open any kind of sites or probably you are the guy that confuse about the best browser then you will find in this post or even you just wonder which are the most compatible browsers in the internet world, you will find the answer in this review, All about lunascape browser.

What is lunascape browser?

It is a browser, yes browser with powerful feature from Japan. Lunascape trying to combine page rendering engine from three biggest browser internet explorer, Mozilla and chrome/safari (chrome and safari using webkit rendering engine).You can set this browser to auto mode so it can automatically use the best engine based on speed and compatible factors, or you can choose the engine manually.

Most compatible – more feature – most simple

Lunascape browser probably is the most compatible browser in the world, this browser also has lot of feature so user doesn’t need to install any add ons such as: floating sidebar, mouse gesture and mode netbook.

The owner said that lunascape is the fastest browser. Do you think so?

The owner claim that lunascape also has faster start up and shutdown time, just think about how much time you use browser in one day so you can count how many time you will save, But the best feature I found from lunascape is you can change the browser theme to match it with your old browser

This is another feature from lunascape:

  1. Sidebar with favorite, feed and history feature
  2. Sidebar Auto show up when you move mouse pointer to the left of the page.
  3. Search bar for web search and on page search
  4. Choose or change the engine whenever you want.

Conclusion: this is not a sponsored post, I swear. I just wanna share a great browser with you and hope you gain useful information from my blog

Click image bellow to download Lunascape browser .


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  • Hi Jeandsen,

    Just wanted to thank you for your enthusiastic review on Lunascape and sharing that with your readers!
    As we are working to improve our product, any insight you might have will be much appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Lunascape, Inc.

  • I like the firefox most but this is also best
    .-= Teshek´s last blog ..Increase Website Traffic By Best Plugins =-.

  • Weird but actually only 50% the post is opening up for me. Is this the site or my internet browser. Should I restart my on-line browser?

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