Make people follow you automatically with twollo

Make people follow you automatically with twollo

Another tools / site to get followers automatically on twitter


In my older post, I have review a site call flashtweet (If you miss it, read it here) where you can easily follow people and get followers in very short time. And now I will review another great site, where you can set follow people based on interest. ( And i can make 1.000 followers in 3 days , what a great )

Why you must follow people based on the same interest with you?

TARGETED member / traffic is the answer , example : if you want to promote your product about “how to repair pc at your own” ,  off course you need to offer people who like pc , not people who love car , cat , etc . And if you want to drive traffic to your website or blog about pet then you needs to find people who love pet. This is the basic and easy to understand.

Twitter is powerful enough to let you do that and TWOLLO which is the main topic in this review this time will help you do that.

So what is Twollo?

Twollo is a site where you can automatically follow people based on interest that you type in search box, this site have great powerful feature to help you get targeted people.

What can I get from twollo?

  • You can set up to 10 interest keyword to automatically follow people based on that keyword
  • You can use quick run feature to get this thing do quickly job.
  • You can unfollow people that you follow before in single click
  • This site work automatically to make you follow people based on your interest

How to get this thing work?

As you see on the picture, I use “traffic” Keyword to follow people who have interest about “traffic” and twollo found 38 people and follow them automatically. You can add up to ten keyword of interest in “twitter talking about box”. Oh yes, Almost forgot you must use your twitter account to login.

This is what they say about them

Get Started. Here’s how!

  1. Login with your Twitter Details
  2. Add your interests
  3. Let us find people for you to follow!

Cool Things you can do with Twollo

  • Discover Twitterers talking about your favorite topics or interests
  • Engage with Twitterers talking about another Twitterer
  • Follow Twitterers talking about a hashtag.

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