MyPageRank free service

MyPageRank free service

Mypagerank service , Totally free and great service

free-service is a website that is helping me to analyze my own website, Here you can submit your website to many seach engine in one click, ping your blog or website. and many more Mypagerank service include :

  • Bulk pagerank checker = Check the google pagerank from your domains
  • Sitemaps creator = Create an XML sitemap format that can be submitted to Google to help them crawl your website better. Create a Text sitemap to submit to Yahoo. Create a ROR sitemap, which is an independant XML format for any search engine.
  • Engines Submit = Submit your site to search engine with one click
  • Link popularity = Find how many links your domain has on the most common search engines
  • Seo Stats = Make your private Seo stats
  • Google datacenter check = check you pagerank in Googles DC
  • Google pagerank button = Display your site pagerank without any Toolbar.

Use it now :

  • Googlebot last access = Display in your site the last time Google bot access your site , Add your site url use http:// ( only domains and subdomains ) , choose colors from your indicator , Click in Check Google Bot Last Access button .

Use it now :

  • Sitemap submitter = With this tool you can directly notify Google, Yahoo!, and about your new or updated sitemap file.

Use it now :

  • Ping service = A blog ping is just a piece of text, in simple words. It’ll contain your blog name and the url. It is usually prepared in the XML format. The servers that accept ping have special programs for accepting and processing these XML pings. To prevent a spam you need to wait a time to send a new ping
  • Spider view = Find out how Spider bots view your website. This includes most major search bots including Google, MSN and Yahoo!

Use it now

  • Meta tag analysis = Check if all are ok in your meta tags !

Use in now

  • Links check = Check all your link , and find how much your unique link
  • Pool service = Create a pool service
  • Star rating = Make a Star rating

Example :

  • Smilie creator = Create a smile
  • Social bookmark tool = The Social Bookmark Tool is very Easy to Use tool for social bookmarking

Use it now

  • Link preview = it’s the easy and fast way to display preview from your media links !
  • SEO monitor = Make your own SEO monitor


  • Free counter = Make a Free counter for your webisite or blog


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