Plurk is a social journal for your life | Must join social networking site

Plurk is a social journal for your life | Must join social networking site

Share everything in your life with Plurk | A fun social networking site

Plurk is a social journal for your life | Must join site

Twitter , Facebook , Digg and other great social networking sites , I love all of them , they have their own feature and style . with more than millions of new member every year , I am sure networking site will be the biggest community in the internet world and I hope all blogger know the fact that by join big social networking site will bring lot of benefit for their self such as money , traffic , friend , etc .

Today I will review one more social networking site in my blog ”” it will be great if you join this social networking site but before you doing that , please read my review for detail about them.

What is Plurk ?

Plurk is a great social networking site ( this is the first fact ), they Do have a great style as a social networking sites ( this is the second fact ) and Off course you can join million of people that already being their member ( this is the third fact )

This is what they say about them :

A really snazzy site that allows you to showcase the events that make up your life, and follow the events of the people that matter to you, in deliciously digestible short messages called plurks.

How to start ?

Join Plurk is easiest that you ever think  , it only takes five minutes to be their member  and all are free.

How does plurk work ?

If you are twitter member than you will not have any difficult with Plurk , Plurk just have the same system with twitter and facebook . all you need to do is type what you want to share , what you are doing , how are you feel and everything else.

What special on Plurk ?

I found that Plurk has their own style on their  “share Link ” ( looks picture bellow for detail ) .

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Another special thing on Plurk ?

I also found a unique feature call Clique and here is what I mean :

A clique is just that. It’s a way for you to define a smaller audience amongst your friends who share something in common. Maybe 5 of your friends play on the same soccer team, or maybe 3 of your friends work at the same company or maybe 7 of your buddies go for beers and wings every Monday night. Cliques help you manage your audience so that you can send plurks to only the friends who need to be notified.

Please note that you can also put Plurk as a widget on your blog and share everything on your plurk account in your blog as well

Join Plug today . I am pretty sure you will love them.



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