The best wordpress theme with hundred of options

The best wordpress theme with hundred of options

Free wordpress template with more than 200 options

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Today I will share great themes for you, this is excellent theme with more than 200 options and actually is the theme that I am using now. Atahualpa is the name for wordpress blog that you may look for if you want to design your own and unique blog template.

Atahualpa Basic feature : Atahualpa is a wordpress theme with three column fluid but you can create more if you want. ( Visit their forum for more detail information they have a great forum which you can a lot of useful info about this theme and how to optimize it).

This is A few highlights about Atahualpa theme:

  • 3 columns, fluid 100% width with customizable sidebar widths
  • Changeable logo and header images
  • Widget ready
  • Options page with Auto SEO options
  • Valid XHTML and browser-safe.
  • And the key feature is 200+ theme option to make sure you can create your own and unique blog theme

Actually the thing that make me love this theme is the options , I can easily change setting for every part in my blog such as widget , widget column , post header , post footer , post center , page bar , category bar , header image , logo , and much more ( I can’t explain all of them because it’s too much and you should try it by yourself )

Please note that Atahualpa is design by bytes for all, Read this if you want to know more about bytes for all :

Bytes for All specializes in web hosting, design, marketing and development. We also publish free, customizable, valid, browser-safe WordPress themes

The Bytes For All WordPress themes are open source and available for free.The license is used to be Creative Commons Share Alike. Now they’re all GPL.

Conclusion : if you really want to have a unique blog template with thousand of possibilities than I suggest you to try Atahualpa , design you own and unique blog template is easier than you can ever think.

Click here to visit their site and download the free template


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