The whole new world from Google chrome OS

The whole new world from Google chrome OS

The brand new operating system came from Google – Goggle chrome OS


Well, a new history has created on October. A new OS call Google Chrome Os has launched by Google itself. I know you must think that it’s too late if I review Google chrome os but I think this new OS must get a huge support from us, especially OS lover like me. So Google chrome Os, this is my support. You got my love and I will look forward for this OS.

What is Google Chrome os?

A big simple question but not even one of my friends knows what Google chrome Os really is? This Os is about new Os with speed, simplicity and off course built in high security programmer system. Well, you probably have read tons of site that review Google chrome Os in many way so I think I will provide you one simple video about what is Google chrome Os? Enjoy it

This is the demo – Google Chrome OS demo now !

So, that is a simple video right? It’s simple and you don’t need to watch it twice for understand what is Google Chrome really is.
And now here is the Google Chrome Os demo. This is for real! (I got both of this nice video from youtube and share them for you)

Conclusion: I love to enjoy OS, I think people too. Google chrome OS is rock, it bring a whole new world, new idea for every people in this world. Even I think Google need to improve this Os but I think Google has done a great job with this idea. And now it’s our time to help Google, try this Os, Report to them if you found any bugs. Let us help Google to build a brand new perfect OS

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