Top commentator contest winner – Free advertise on my blog

Top commentator contest winner – Free advertise on my blog

The winner of top commentators contest for this month

win-the-prize-by-be-top-commentators-on-my-blog for one month

It has been one month since the contest started and today is the time for me to announce the winner of top commentators. the winner have their right to put 125×125 banner on my blog ( my side bar ) which will be seen by thousands of eyes each day.

Top three ten commentator list for this month:

  • Chris Peterson: Chris is one of the best commentators what I ever have. I am very lucky to have a guy with lot of blogging experience on my blog. You can see all comment provided by him, the quality just great. I learn lot of tips just from his comment. Two word for you Chris ” You Rock “
  • Ridiculous blogger: Ridiculous blogger is a top commentator on lot of other great blog on blogosphere. He is really a nice guy that loves to talk and share anything they know. If I have any word to say then I will say ” keep visiting my blog , buddy “
  • Greg Ellison: I know Greg from john chow blog, I also visit his blog everyday. Usually he always share make money journey on his blog. Sure he is one of not too much blogger that love to social.

I have sent the email for the winner, asked the banner so I can start put them on my blog

The contest will still continue – make sure you booked one place

Yeah… honestly I am very happy with this contest, I love to share, love to help other so I decided to continue the contest. This means I will reset the top commentator list and AGAIN top three commentators next month will win the same prize.
Conclusion: the contest was great. I couldn’t believe the response from this contest was so amazing. I really hope next month will be better than this month. last words , make sure you are one of top commentators next month and grab the free advertiser prize plus ONE SECRET PRIZE from me

Important : I have reset the top commentator list , this mean the top commentator list at my sidebar now is showing top commentator for this month ( september periode ). Make sure you are in the list and win the next month prize

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