Twollo | New looking | New Feature |But still FREE

Twollo | New looking | New Feature |But still FREE

Use NEW and Great Feature on Twollo For free


Remember twollo (Read my full review about twollo here), twollo is free and great tools to follow your fellow on twitter, and now they have more feature and new looking. Twollo has become popular now, almost all twitter member use feature on this site to follow people automatically and make more followers.

Now twollo has become more powerful, they provide more great and powerful feature for twitter member. And this is I got from them new looking site:

  • Configurable: You get complete control over how Twollo automatically follows fellow Twitterers.
  • Saved: Twollo works in the background for you, you will never need to lift a finger.
  • Supercharge :Supporting Google Checkout and Paypal, Twollo uniquly offers the ability to become a Priority User and drive your follows through the roof.
  • Secure : With over 10,000 trusted users we are very serious about your account security. We fully support Twitter’s OAuth implementation
  • Control : You are in control of your account, you can pause, amend and delete interests. You can even remove your account quickly if we are not for you.
  • Grow your Network – Fast! : Twollo allows you to Target Twitters and grow your network.
You can get great benefit from them just for sign up with your twitter account , this mean you even no need to create new account , this is really cool huh ! I have use twollo for long time , and this time is your turn !
Join Twollo For free here !

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