Make money with your unused domain | Park your domain on ActiveAudience

Make money with your unused domain | Park your domain on ActiveAudience

Have lot of unused domain ? Park | Clicks | Cash


I have made money with parking my domain for long time ago ( two years perhaps ). Honestly I don’t make lot of money from them but “still” I love it because it’s easy and Free . if you want to make money by using your unused domain then I will tell you the great place to start it , is the right choice if you want to make money by parking your domain .

What is ? is really great place to make money if you have unused domain and want to turn it to making money machine ( parking domain ). It’s easy , free and quick .

If you don’t know what is parking domain then read this :

Domain Parking allows owners of website addresses, called domain names, to display customized pages for their names. When visitors arrive at these sites, they are often shown targeted advertising related to the domain name. When users click through to those advertiser sites, the domain name owner can earn a referral fee

How to start it ?

Make money by parking your domain is really easy and this why I love parking domain program to make money . all you need to do is visit by clicking their logo bellow and register your unused domain to them .

How it work ?

After register your domain , Activeaudience will park advertisers on your domain and you can start earn money if there are visitor come to your parking domain and click the ads.

Note : Users have the option of selecting one layout for their domains, or running a test on the layouts to see which one receives the highest numbers of clicks per domain.

How to make more money with this program ?

Actually the only thing you need is traffic , you can start do everything to make traffic to your parking domain just like you make traffic to your blog , If you have any difficult then try my Traffic tips ( lot of people thanks me because my tips )

How Much can I earn here ?

This program is like PPC ( payperclick ) program , how many you can get per click is relative here . There are many other factors which can increase your earning such as traffic volume, and account optimization .

What and where ( about the payment) ?

ActiveAudience’s minimum payout is $50 or more for checks, $10 or more for PayPal and $100 or more for wire transfer.

Have unused domain name ? make money with them now !



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