How to make money with twitter using sponsored tweets

How to make money with twitter using sponsored tweets

Make money as easy as tweet a tweet .

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It has been a week since I found and reviewed a great site to make money online. Today I will review a totally simple site but still great enough in order to make money online, which is sponsored tweet. You will like this, I am 101% sure.

What is sponsored tweet?

If you remember sponsored review or pay per post which are paid to write review sites then sponsored tweet is paid to tweet site where you can make money from advertisers whose use your twitter account to tweet their words.

How to start?

Make money from sponsored tweet May simple than you can ever think, you don’t need to create new account here because you can login with your twitter account.

How it work?

There are two systems to make money from sponsored tweet, the first is you will earn from every tweet you do which is requested from advertisers and second is you can choose to earn money if people click links on your tweet, and this is usually call pay per click.

Will I get banned from twitter if I join this program?

Good question, john chow has 5digit followers and I don’t think he will join a site which will damage his twitter gun shell.

Anything I need to know else?

You can set your own paid to tweet and pay per click price. Make sure you know how to make a balance number between your twitter followers number and paid to tweet price.

When numbers are really matter.

This is the key to make money with sponsored tweet: more followers = more advertisers advertiser = tweet, tweet = money. Never set a high price when your follower is only a small number, try to make have more followers before increase your tweet price or you will never have advertiser using your service.


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