How to make more money with Fiverr – my fiverr tips

Maybe i am already write about fiverr before, but i just wanna write more about fiverr in my blog because this site already give me more than $1000 with just one gigs. So here you are, read my opinion about Fiverr and how you can get the same chance or maybe better on Fiverr.

What is Fiverr ?

Fiverr is very unique making money website because you will get paid if people like to buy everything you can do for them. The will pay you start from $5 and you can add extra service for extra money after get some rank on your id. So at fiverr, you can do anything you think you can do it better than other people and get paid for it ( if people like to buy ).

Example : I do blog comment service and get paid for it.

How it work ?

Make money on fiverr is free and very simple, here is the step :

  1. Create your account on fiverr
  2. think the best thing you can do for $5
  3. put it on gigs and Done

The interesting about Fiverr is you can ( posibble to ) make a very fast money if your gigs is unique. Some people make their first sell in just minutes after they start their account and put their gigs online.

How to get paid ?

If you make a selling then you must do your gigs and send them to the buyer, wait maximum 3 days for the order to completed ( can be faster if your buyer give feedback), Fiverr will add virtual money to your fiverr account after 15 days and after that you can withdraw the money to your paypal account or Fiverr revenue card. Oh yes fiverr will reduce one dollar from five dollar of your revenue, so for total you will get $4 dollar for one sales ( This is suck .. lol )

Okay this is my tips for you to make more money than people that never read this review :

  • Make sure you have an unique gigs ( one unique gigs is far better than tons of common gigs )
  • Promote your gigs to facebook and twitter
  • Keep your rating good to earn a new level status which higher level status can help you create extra service for your gigs and this mean more money to earn
  • Give more service than your opponent especially if they have better feedback / sales than you.
  • Update your skill so you can do better service for your buyer

Here i share my revenue on fiverr ( remember i got this from only one gigs and now i am on level 2 seller )

maybe you can find a lot of site that “look” like fiverr but i can tell you that fiverr is the best paid for doing anything site around the world. Click Fiverr logo bellow to start make money with fiverr.



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