Make money with PrintMojo – a place where designer can make money

Make money with PrintMojo – a place where designer can make money

Printmojo know How a Designer can make money online

I remembered last week I have reviewed about zazzle, zazzle is a very neat site where people can create their own product using their own design and sell it on Free store provided by zazzle. Today I will review another great site to make money by selling design, honestly this is very suitable for designer but you don’t need to be a very great designer to make your own design. I will review about printmojo which is a nice site to make money online as well.

What is printmojo?

If you love to design something unique and put it on t-shirt, hat, hoodies, or even bags then printmojo is very good site to make money using your skill. All you need to do is create unique design for products and sell it.

How it works?

Printmojo has prepared everything so every member can start to make money just in 4 easy steps. Here is what I got from their site (all you need to do for make money using printmojo):

  • create the design
  • choose the product
  • choose how much product you want
  • choose the mark-up for your products

And this is what they can do for you:

  • print your products
  • Build and host your online store
  • process your customer’s orders
  • warehouse and ship your products

What is Special from Printmojo?

PrintMojo is really special for me even I am not a designer but I love their feature and no doubt that they are one of the best site that provide free online store with lot of powerful feature for their member . Here is their special feature, which make me think that they are special:

  • PrintMojo offer the highest quality screen printing and embroidery so you can have the peace of mind knowing you are selling the very best in printed apparel.
  • PrintMojo give you the tools you need to set-up your own online shop, allowing you to concentrate on promoting your business. To make the process even easier, they have waived the normal fees associated with getting product screen printed or embroidered.

Note: the key to make money online if you are designer is creating a unique design, trend or hot design will be the best factor to boost your sales. Once again, if you are really a designer and want to convert your skill to make money online then printmojo is one of the best to start it.

Convert your skill to money now!


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